• TRIPLE BOGEY ON A PAR FIVE HOLE Starring Philip Seymour Hoffman

    TRIPLE BOGEY ON A PAR FIVE HOLE Starring Philip Seymour Hoffman

    Amos Poe’s ‘Triple Bogey on a Par 5 Hole’ marks the feature film debut of Philip Seymour Hoffman. The Levys, a glamorous couple, used to make their living robbing golfers, until they met their fatal handicap. Years later, scriptwriter Remy Gravelle, investigating their death, decides to observe the Levy progeny as they sail endlessly round Manhattan in their luxury yacht.    

  • GARDENS OF THE NIGHT – Starring John Malkovich, Gillian Jacobs and Tom Arnold

    GARDENS OF THE NIGHT – Starring John Malkovich, Gillian Jacobs and Tom Arnold



    A story of ethnic conflict between Kurds and Iraqis in the context of the war between Iraq and Iran in the 1980s. The central story of the film is set at a time when Kurds were conscripted to serve in the Iraqi army, where they were brutally abused, as a despised minority in Saddam Hussein’s military. Kilometre Zero pairs a Kurdish soldier, under orders to return the body of a dead soldier to his family, with an Iraqi taxi driver […]

  • NOLA – Starring Emmy Rossum (“Shameless”)

    NOLA – Starring Emmy Rossum (“Shameless”)

    “Nola” (2003) is an urban fairy tale-romantic comedy, in which Nola, an aspiring songwriter, leaves an abusive Kansas home and journeys to New York to find her biological father. Once there, she finds more than she expected. Emmy Rossum (Shameless) stars, and Alan Hruska directs.    

  • ADRIFT – The Best In World Cinema From Global Lens

    ADRIFT – The Best In World Cinema From Global Lens

    Adrift (Choi Voi) is a 2009 Vietnamese film directed by Bui Thac Chuyen and stars Linh Dan Pham, Do Thi Hai Yen, Johnny Tri Nguyen and Nguyen Duy Khoa.  This ambitious work of lesbian cinema emphatically explores the realities of being gay and lonely in the younger generation of modern Vietnam. Soon after her wedding, newlywed Duyen’s (played by Hai Yen) excitement begins to fade as she realizes her young husband (Duy Khoa) is not only sexually naive, but overly occupied by his job […]



    Set in the aftermath of the Angolan revolution and the devastating results, this film chronicles the impact on even the most innocent. Orphaned at age 11, Ndala arrives in Luanda on a military transport plane filled with other children in the same situation. During the confusion of arrival, he runs away and begins his journey through the unfamiliar and un-welcoming city. Ndala meets Z, an older boy who shares the epic story of a young warrior. Z and his friends, […]

  • CRAFT (Riscado)

    CRAFT (Riscado)

    Bianca manages a precarious living as a talented but underemployed actress in Rio de Janeiro, performing for private events dressed as female movie icons. Troubled by the thought she has missed her chance at a “big break,” she perseveres with single-minded dedication to her craft—until an audition leads to a rare opportunity, and possible redemption for years of social marginality. But her world may still prove too insecure, even for one as gifted and deserving as Bianca. Set against rich […]

  • FAT, BALD, SHORT MAN (Gordo, Calvo Y Bajito)

    FAT, BALD, SHORT MAN (Gordo, Calvo Y Bajito)

    Lonesome, middle-aged virgin Antonio Farfán is picked on and ridiculed as a matter of course, whether by coworkers or his bullying mooch of a brother (who only calls when he needs money). An employee of a notary’s office, his status improves a bit when his new boss—and strangely affable doppelganger—takes an interest in him. But Farfán’s deep-seated shyness and insecurity are only partly assuaged. And when he joins a self-improvement group, he slowly confirms what the undulating lines of this […]



    San Bao is a young man left behind by Beijing’s fabulous new wealth, having just lost his job, his apartment and the woman he loves (who’s left him for a richer man). Even Happiness, his dog, has run away from him. Lovelorn, self-destructive and desperately aimless, San Bao nevertheless has moments of euphoria amid his own despair, as he roams the sleek, shifting city with other soulful, cash-poor dreamers and misfits. Such heavenly losers form the vital spirit of Beijing […]

  • STANDING ARMY – Featuring Gore Vidal and Noam Chomsky

    STANDING ARMY – Featuring Gore Vidal and Noam Chomsky

    Over the course of the last century, the US has silently encircled the world with a web of military bases unlike any other in history. No continent is spared. They have shaped the lives of millions, yet remain a mystery to most. Featuring Gore Vidal and Noam Chomsky.

  • OC87: The Obsessive Compulsive, Major Depression, Bipolar, Asperger’s Movie

    OC87: The Obsessive Compulsive, Major Depression, Bipolar, Asperger’s Movie

    Can you make a movie while having mental illness? Bud Clayman is doing it. Will making a documentary about your mental illness change your life? Soon after college, mental illness interrupted Bud Clayman’s dreams of a filmmaking career. Thirty years later, he’s making the movie of his life. A story with universal relevance, OC87 is a wildly original film about pain and vulnerability, empowerment, and Bud’s quest for belonging.      

  • MANUFACTURING DISSENT – Uncovering Michael Moore

    MANUFACTURING DISSENT – Uncovering Michael Moore

    In the realm of documentary filmmaking there is no greater icon than Michael Moore, but are his films really the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? At what point does the manipulation of fact become a work of fiction? See for yourself when the lens is turned on the most controversial director of our time. Discover the film that Michael Moore doesn’t want you to see. “The first fair and balanced criticism of Michael Moore. Directed by […]

  • UNFORGOTTEN – Twenty-Five Years After Willowbrook

    UNFORGOTTEN – Twenty-Five Years After Willowbrook

    ‘Unforgotten’ is a critically acclaimed, award-winning documentary that examines the impact of the horrors of Willowbrook on the survivors and their families, 25 years after Geraldo Rivera’s historic television expose.  Directed by Jack Fisher. It was a nightmare that shocked not only New York, but all of America. The public outcry about the Willowbrook State School for people with developmental disabilities resulted from Geraldo Rivera’s exposé on WABC after he had entered Willowbrook with a film crew in 1972, using […]

  • FROST/NIXON: The Original Watergate Interviews

    FROST/NIXON: The Original Watergate Interviews

    Originally broadcast in May of 1977, this series of interviews between Sir David Frost and U.S. President Richard Nixon delves into the various controversies of Nixon’s presidency. This edited, 88 minute documentary highlights the sections of the interviews that focused on the Watergate cover-up, Nixon’s ultimate downfall. As such, it is a thoroughly gripping experience: Nixon begins the session as a wily combatant, but Frost (an experienced talk-show host, but hardly a political heavyweight) is such a dogged, indeed surprisingly forceful, […]



    COMING THIS SUMMER TO FILMRISE! Sink your teeth into this hit BBC television series about one boy’s struggle with his vampire family. Single dad Count Dracula moves to modern-day Britain from Transylvania with his two children, Vlad and Ingrid. To his father’s horror, Vlad wants not to bite, but rather to fit in with his newfound British friends, which is not easy when you are one of the undead. Young Dracula was a British supernatural teenage horror drama television series airing […]

  • THE BIG COMFY COUCH – The Emmy Award Winning PBS Series

    THE BIG COMFY COUCH – The Emmy Award Winning PBS Series

  • POPULAR MECHANICS FOR KIDS – The Complete Series

    POPULAR MECHANICS FOR KIDS – The Complete Series

    Embark on the coolest, fastest, wildest and weirdest adventures in this award–winning series, Popular Mechanics For Kids, as originally seen on Discovery Kids. Join your fearless hosts Elisha Cuthbert and Jay Baruchel on a quest to discover the science of how things work. From the depths of the ocean to the outer reaches of space, this 72 episode series takes you on exciting journeys that will inspire the curiosity of kids and adults alike. Series contains 4 Seasons, 72 Episodes.       Watch All […]



    Nearly 50 years after its debut, ‘The Soupy Sales Show’ remains as subversively hilarious as ever. Join Soupy Sales, along with classic characters like White Fang, Pookie the Lion, Black Tooth, and many more for some outrageous, pie flinging fun!   Watch All 2 Seasons (12 Episodes) of The Soupy Sales Show for Free!      



    Until recently, the extraordinary phenomena of Russian parapsychology have been hidden from the eyes of the West. Scientists and researchers reveal the amazing results of decades of work of psychic studies and psychics themselves demonstrate their unbelievable powers in never before seen footage.   Watch “Power of the Russian Psychics” Full Episode for Free! The World of Discovery series takes you to the far corners of the globe to explore the secrets of nature and wildlife, the frontiers of science and […]

  • What Really Frightens You

    What Really Frightens You

    Cult horror classic Splatter University director Richard Haines keeps the shocks coming with this tale of a monster fanzine writer who interviews a trio of New Yorkers about their deepest, darkest fears. When the article is published, the three participants receive the shock of their lives when their fears come back to haunt them. Could a mysterious ghostwriter have something to do with the horrors plaguing them?

  • Asylum


    Widely regarded as one of the best horror anthology films ever made, this serpentine chiller takes you deep inside the psyches of the patients of an experimental asylum. Under the guidance of a controversial psychiatrist who engages in some very strange practices, the patients of the Archway Community are forced to look inward for the answers to the dark secrets that bind them.

  • The Boogey Man

    The Boogey Man

    A young girl witnesses her brother murder a man through a reflection in a mirror. Twenty years later the mirror is shattered, freeing his evil spirit, which seeks revenge for his death.

  • Flesh Eating Mothers

    Flesh Eating Mothers

    It’s just another day in your typical Middle America town. The children diligently head off to school, fathers leave for the office and mothers spend their day working hard to make certain the family returns to a clean house and a warm dinner on the table. Today may begin like every other day in this town of good, solid values, but children become suspicious when their mothers begin developing some very peculiar appetites. FLESH EATING MOTHERS is a non-stop cult […]

  • The Suckling

    The Suckling

    Looking for advice about an unexpected pregnancy, an innocent teenage couple wind up in a New York brothel. They accidentally set off a bizarre series of events that they ll never forget… if they live to tell about it. Everyone in the brothel is in the wrong place at the wrong time, especially when THE SUCKLING becomes an unwanted customer. The un-consenting girl is drugged, her baby aborted and the fetus is flushed down the toilet. The baby, exposed to […]

  • Niagra Motel – Starring Craig Ferguson

    Niagra Motel – Starring Craig Ferguson

    Niagara Falls has always been the quintessential romantic destination and a symbol of happy new beginnings. Apparently they’ve never heard of the Niagara Motel! At this low-rent, high-drama establishment, heartbreak waltzes with hilarity in a madcap dance of absurdity as eight hapless residents struggle to tie up the loose ends of their lives without hanging themselves in the process! Starring Craig Ferguson.

  • These Girls – Starring Caroline Dhavernas

    These Girls – Starring Caroline Dhavernas

    “These Girls” is the story of three teenage girls who, on their summer vacation between high school and college, seduce the same older married man (David Boreanaz). When they attempt to share their romantic conquest between them, the friendly arrangement soon turns into a web of blackmail and deceit. It is a tale of innocence, jealousy and friendship told as a provocative coming-of-age story.  Starring Caroline Dhavernas.

  • Tattoo, A Love Story

    Tattoo, A Love Story

    Opposites attract in this award-winning romantic comedy about two people who wear their differences on their skin and their hearts on their sleeves. Sara, an uptight schoolteacher is appalled when Virgil, a biker and tattoo artist arrives in her classroom. But shock soon gives way to curiosity, and Sara’s life takes a hilarious turn when she actually finds herself falling for Virgil.

  • Rising Star

    Rising Star

    An overworked insurance adjuster must decide between his job and his passion after he accidentally meets his online love interest. **WINNER* Best Premiere Seattle True Independent Film Festival 2012

  • The English Harem – Starring Martine McCutcheon

    The English Harem – Starring Martine McCutcheon

    Suburban supermarket cash register clerk Tracy Pringle (Martine McCutcheon) is a young working class girl who – against the wishes of her parents and racist ex-boyfriend – becomes one of three wives of West London Persian restaurateur, Sam (Art Malik). The English Harem is an engrossing romantic drama with a whole lot of heart!

  • See this Movie – Starring Seth Meyers

    See this Movie – Starring Seth Meyers

    This “mockumentary” is a hilarious skewering of the madness known as moviemaking. After graduating at the top of his class from 3-Day Film School, Jake (Seth Meyers) cons his way into the Montreal Film Festival with a film that doesn’t exist – yet! But with the help of his producer Larry (John Cho), Jake just might pull it off! Also stars Jessica Paré (“Mad Men”) and Patton Oswalt (“Young Adult”).

  • Muggers


    Brad and Gregor, two broke medical students in their final year and debut to a loan shark, must resort to contentious lengths to finance themselves. A fresh comedy with scruple less students.

  • Five Seconds to Spare – Starring Andy Serkis

    Five Seconds to Spare – Starring Andy Serkis

    Ray Winstone (“Hugo”, “The Departed”) and Andy Serkis (“The Rise of the Planet of the Apes”, “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy) star in this darkly comic film about a young musician who travels to London in pursuit of his dreams, but winds up the sole witness to a bizarre murder. With a heap of cult appeal and a taught screenplay, “Five Seconds to Spare” is an indie gem that deserves to be seen!

  • King of the Corner -Starring Isabella Rossellini

    King of the Corner -Starring Isabella Rossellini

    Leo Spivak (Peter Riegert) is drifting through life without a compass. His father is aging fast, his teenage daughter is rebelling, his protégé is after his job and his wife (Isabella Rossellini) is losing her patience. A twist of fate and some bizarre wisdom from a “freelance rabbi” help Leo navigate the murky waters of his life and turn his crisis into a second-chance.

  • Ball & Chain – Starring Kal Penn

    Ball & Chain – Starring Kal Penn

    When Ameet and Saima’s Indian-American families arrange for them to be married they will do anything to get out of the situation. In their desperation to have the wedding called off, they fail to realize that they have actually fallen in love. By now however Saima’s parents have promised her hand to a sleazy playboy, Ashol. Culture and customs clash in this hilarious and delightful comedy.





    Przemysl, Poland, WWII–the city comes under Nazi control. The Jews are sent to ghettos. Catholic teenager Stefania Podgorska (ER’s Kellie Martin) sneaks 13 Jews into her attic. Every day, she risks execution–by smuggling food and water to the silent group living above her. When two German nurses are assigned to her home, the chances of discovery become dangerously high. Click here to watch ‘Hidden In Silence’ on Amazon Instant Video (Free for Prime users)

  • Wes Craven’s DEADLY BLESSINGS – Starring Sharon Stone

    Wes Craven’s DEADLY BLESSINGS – Starring Sharon Stone

    Set in Amish Country, a woman’s husband is mysteriously killed by his own tractor in a contemporary community that is not far from another community that believes in ancient evil and curses. It stars Ernest Borgnine, Maren Jensen (in her last screen appearance) and Sharon Stone in an early screen appearance. Directed by the legendary Wes Craven. Click here to watch ‘Deadly Blessing’ on Amazon Instant Video (Free for Prime users)

  • Franco Zeffirelli’s ENDLESS LOVE – Starring Brooke Shields

    Franco Zeffirelli’s ENDLESS LOVE – Starring Brooke Shields

    Based on a best-selling novel by Scott Spencer, Endless Love details the doomed romance between 17-year-old David and 15-year-old Jade (Brooke Shields). Banished from Jade’s home by her dad Hugh, David obsessively cooks up a scheme to get back into the family’s good graces that goes horribly wrong. Features Billboard’s “greatest song duet of all time” by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie.

  • VALEMONT – The MTV Series

    VALEMONT – The MTV Series

    Valemont is a supernatural American miniseries that premiered on MTV in 2009. Sink your fangs into this vampire thriller’s twisted game of cat and mouse. Valemont University is like any other exclusive east coast college. Rich students. Excellent faculty. Impressive alumni. Except Valemont has a secret. A dangerous one. Our eyes into this mysterious world of privilege and power belong to Sophie Fields. Informed by the police that they’ve discovered a body they believe to be her brother, Eric Gracen, Sophie soon realizes […]

  • Mel Brooks’ LIFE STINKS

    Mel Brooks’ LIFE STINKS

    Mel Brooks directs this film about a ruthless billionaire, Goddard Bolt (Brooks), who wants to obliterate a poor section of Los Angeles and build a high-tech commercial center in its place. His only problem is that he owns only half the land needed for the construction, the other half belonging to equally ruthless billionaire Vance Craswell (Jeffrey Tambor), who has his own ideas for the land. The two try to buy each other out until, finally, a deal is struck: […]

  • SEA HUNT: The Complete Series Collector’s Edition

    SEA HUNT: The Complete Series Collector’s Edition

    Sea Hunt: The Complete Series Collector’s Edition (Seasons 1, 2, 3 & 4) – 20 DVD SetThis 20 disc collection contains all four complete seasons of the classic television show Sea Hunt comprised of 155 full-length episodes.This action-packed underwater adventure series stars Lloyd Bridges as diving expert and former U.S. Navy frogman, Mike Nelson. Traveling on his boat, the Argonaut, Nelson outmaneuvers villains, undertakes daring rescues, and defends national security – all in a day’s work! Originally airing from 1958 […]

  • MR. SATURDAY NIGHT – Starring Billy Crystal

    MR. SATURDAY NIGHT – Starring Billy Crystal

    Billy Crystal stars and makes his directorial debut in this nostalgic, poignant comedy about a comedian who realizes that life is passing him by…and he may have missed the punchline. Co-starring David Paymer in an Oscarar-nominated role and featuring stand-out performances by Julie Warner, Helen Hunt and Ron Silver, and many moments of truth and insight (Leonard Maltin), Mr. SaturdayNight makes you laugh as it touches you with its heart of comic gold. After forty years of struggling to reach the […]



    In The Heat of the Night: The Series Collector’s Edition – All 8 Seasons – 34 DVDs – 119 EpisodesBinge watch nearly 100 hours of this classic, groundbreaking television drama!This 34 disc collection contains 119 episodes spanning all 8 seasons of the award-winning series that appeared on NBC from 1988 – 1992 and CBS from 1992 – 1994.Based on the critically acclaimed novel of the same name, this series aired for eight seasons and provided a hopeful, yet honest look […]

  • THE YOUNG RIDERS: The Series

    THE YOUNG RIDERS: The Series

    The Young Riders: The Series (Seasons 1, 2 & 3) – 14 DVD Collector’s Edition This 14 disc collection contains all three seasons of The Young Riders. Included in this special collector’s set are complete Season One and complete Season Three. Please note: due to clearance issues, the following four episodes are excluded from Season Two: Born to Hang; Bad Company; Blood Money; Littlest Cowboy.Set just before the American Civil War, this award winning television series presents a fictionalized account […]

  • Jackie Chan’s Son Arrested In Celebrity Drug Bust In Beijing

    Jackie Chan’s Son Arrested In Celebrity Drug Bust In Beijing

    China has decided to target celebrity drug users and its latest Beijing crackdown netted Jaycee Chan, the son of Chinese superstar, Jackie Chan. The 31-year old actor was detained and tested for drugs; a positive reading for marijuana came up and he was arrested, along with Taiwanese actor Kai Ko. More than 100 grams of marijuana were found in his apartment. He is also accused of “hosting others to take drugs. He faces the possibility of up to 3 years […]

  • Land’s End Angers Numerous Shoppers Who Received A Racy GQ Magazine As A Shopping Promotion

    Land’s End Angers Numerous Shoppers Who Received A Racy GQ Magazine As A Shopping Promotion

    Land’s End probably meant well… The family-oriented company offered a copy of the July issue of GQ magazine to customers buying more than $100 on the retailer’s website. The problem is that most of those customers were mothers buying back-to-school uniforms for their children. The magazine — which bills itself as the “ultimate men’s magazine” –put a picture of Emily Ratajkowski, the naked dancer from the Blurred Lines video, on its cover wearing nothing but a lei. A year-long partnership between the […]

  • “The Walking Dead’s” Daryl Dixon Might Be Gay

    “The Walking Dead’s” Daryl Dixon Might Be Gay

    Most fans of The Walking Dead have probably wondered whether Daryl Dixon would end up with Beth Greene (played by Emily Kinney) or Carol Peletier (played by Melissa mcBride), the two women with whom he seems to have formed the closest connections. But Robert Kirkman, the executive producer of the show has mentioned the possibility that Daryl Dixon, played by Norman Reedus, might be gay. When asked by a fan in the question section of the most recent The Walking Dead comic book […]

  • Sir Paul McCartney And Kanye West Are Recording Together

    Sir Paul McCartney And Kanye West Are Recording Together

    The New York Post’s Page Six has heard that Kanye West and former Beatle, Sir Paul McCartney, are recording together. It is believed that they have laid down several tracks and may be looking towards putting out an album. West’s wife was apparently surprised at the name of one of the tracks, Piss on My Grave, which she found surprisingly provocative. The legendary McCartney had indicated in the past a desire to record with a rapper like West or Jay-Z. West’s […]

  • Chris Pratt Lived In A “Scooby Doo” Van In Maui

    Chris Pratt Lived In A “Scooby Doo” Van In Maui

    During the time that 35-year old Chris Pratt was struggling to make it as an actor, he was homeless in Maui and lived in a van painted with a picture of iconic cartoon dog Scooby Doo in the arms of his best friend, Shaggy. He posted  picture of himself beside the van on Facebook.  “Can’t believe I found this picture!!!” he wrote on Facebook Friday along with a photo of him posing near the home on wheels. “This is the van I […]