12 People Go “From Fat To Finish Line” In This Life-Affirming Documentary

August 2, 2016 — Some journeys are more significant than others.

From Fat to Finish Line documents a group of 12 formerly obese people who decide to take charge of their lives. Between them they lost an astonishing 1200 pounds — an average of 100 pounds apiece.

And as if that were not a big enough challenge, they put themselves to an even bigger test — they ran the 200 mile Ragnar Relay Race from Miami to Key West, Florida, as a team.

These people did not know one another before taking on these challenges. But their common bond of losing weight together forged them into a team. They learned to rely on one another, support the other members and provide the encouragement that made the finish line a reality.

In the process, they became a community.

From Fat to Finish Line is available on Blu-Ray and DVD today.

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