“1st & Ten” Puts The Lighter Side Of Football On Display

May 30, 2017 – 1st & Ten describes the stories, antics, rumors and playing records of the fictional California Bulls. The Bulls are a football team that makes it to the championship every year — even if the results aren’t what they and their owners hope for.

Diane Barrow’s (Delta Burke, Designing Women) divorce from a wealthy man leaves her in charge of the team, even though that’s the last thing she needed. She has to learn everything about the game and takes the ultimate crash course in how football is played. She even ends up coaching when her pro coach ends up in the hospital.

She has to deal with the management (leftovers from her ex-husband’s tenure), drugs, players’ advances, the mob and the plays themselves.

The team would change hands several times, and the cast would alter: Roy Thinnes, O.J. Simpson, Shannon Tweed, Christopher Meloni and Jason Beghe all played significant parts. Guests included several real football players, Tobey Maguire, Kevin Sorbo, Mitzi Kapture and Reid Shelton.

One of the first series developed for cable TV (HBO), the comic show was nominated for several awards.

Stream 1st & Ten on Amazon Video.
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