In “Who Murdered Joy Morgan?,” The Suspects Are All Part Of A Remarkable Cast

May 16, 2017 — An impressive cast acts out a plot that’s sure to intrigue…

Academy Award®-winning Kim Basinger (at her gorgeous best) plays Laury Medford, the beautiful daughter of the chairman of the board of the hospital where both Dr. Paul Trenton (Paul Rubinstein) and Dr. Max Heller (Stephen Macht) both work. Both men want to marry the well-born beauty, but when Dr. Heller, the mediocre playboy doctor, become engaged to her, Dr.Trenton makes sure that Laury receives a letter from Joy Morgan that was intended for Max, which shows that he was with her on the night of Laury and Max’s engagement.

Joy may have been killed; no one is certain. 

Things go awry, and before long all of them are being investigated by Lou Corbin (Robert Culp), who eventually lets all of the suspects understand that he’s a cop.

The problem is, no one is all that sure that a crime has been committed.

Nancy Marchand (The Sopranos), Ann Dusenberry and Ann Wedgeworth complete the intriguing cast.

Stream Who Murdered Joy Morgan? (aka Killjoy)  on Amazon Video.
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