A Brilliant Cast Anchors A Quirky Comedy In “The Big White”

August 8, 2017 —  A collection of comic heavyweights stars in this bizarre, quirky and very funny movie.

Robin Williams plays Paul Barnell, an Alaskan travel agent whose business is not going well at all. What he really needs is the body of his long lost brother, so he can claim the insurance. The agency refuses to pay up without the body.

So when the agent finds a body, he sets a plan on motion that will cause people to think that this body belongs to his brother Raymond (Woody Harrelson), who has been gone for 5 years.

The problem is that the body he has found is also being hunted down by a couple of hitmen. 

And his wife (Holly Hunter) seems to be losing her mind. Nor is it certain that the brother is dead. And the gay hitmen are loopy in the extreme.

All of this adds up to a black farce along the lines of Fargo.

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