A Cast Of Stars — Burt Reynolds, Raquel Welch, Charles Durning and Robert Loggia — Star In The Mob Comedy “Forget About It”

May 24, 2017 — Nitti (Michael Saquella) is a mob enforcer turned informant who is planted in  a desert retirement community by the Witness Protection Act.

Of course, he has smuggled more than $4,000,000 from his ex-boss, so lying low for a little while is probably a good idea.

Unfortunately, his neighbors, Sam, Carl and Eddie (Burt Reynolds, Robert Loggia, and Charles Durning) don’t foresee anything exciting coming down the track of their lives. Or at least they didn’t until Christine DeLee (Raquel Welch), a former Vegas showgirl, moves in next door.

That probably would have been enough to change their lives. But finding their neighbor’s stash of stolen money certainly adds to the fun.

Until the neighbor finds out…

Stream Forget About It, with a cast of legendary actors, on Amazon Video.

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