A High School Girl Discovers That Being A Call Girl Is Not An Easy Life

January 31, 2017 –Pretty and young Casey (
Caitlin Thompson, Crazy, Stupid Love), a high school senior, is having a rough time.

She’s not one of the cool kids, her parents are divorcing, her boyfriend just dumped her in a very public way at school.

After she causes a loud and emotional scene with her ex, she suddenly (and surprisingly) finds herself being befriended by some of the most popular girls in the school. Amber (Marie Avgeropoulos, Fugitive at 17), Taylor (Lindsay Taylor, Accused at 17) and Kylie (Arden Cho, Teen Wolf) take her out, get her a fake I.D. and take her to a club where she gets extremely drunk.

She goes home with a man she likes; the next day she is startled to discover that he left $600 for her. She was an inadvertent prostitute and is now part of a prostitution ring that is being run out of her high school by Jack, one of the school’s security guards.

As her home life spirals out of control, Casey finds the money she can make as a prostitute comforting. But she soon discovers that she is unable to follow through with the things required of her. She attempts to quit the ring but discovers that it won’t be easy — Jack wants her to continue and is concerned that she might go to the authorities to tell them about his “side job.” He takes serious action to try to prevent this.

Eventually Casey learns that easy money is not that easy after all.

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