A Native American Lawyer Is Caught Between Two Worlds In The Ghost Story/Mystery “Imprint”

March 13, 2017 — Shayla Stonefeather (Tonantzin Carmelo), a Native American lawyer, has definitely lost touch with her cultural roots.

She has moved away from her family and the town they are from in order to live in a city and become lawyer. And in the city she ends up prosecuting Robbie Whiteshirt, a Lakota Native American teenager accused of killing a senator’s wife. She wins the case, but there is no time for rejoicing. Whiteshirt attempts to escape from custody and is killed.

When Shayla returns to see her family, they are openly hostile.

In addition, she begins to hear voices and see visions, and she is not sure if they are the spirit of Robbie Whiteshirt or something (or someone)  else.

An intelligent, atmospheric mystery, Imprint combines a ghost story sensibility with an atmospheric mystery.

Award-winning and acclaimed, Imprint has exquisite cinematography and a remarkable score.

Imprint is available for immediate streaming on Amazon Video.
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