A Slice of Unique American Life in Cult Documentary “Jefftowne”

September 21, 2017 —
Meet Jeff, a 40-year-old man with Down Syndrome living with his 89-year-old foster mother in small-town Iowa. In Jefftowne, we learn Jeff enjoys going out to eat, seeing movies and making new friends.

Jeff also enjoys copious amounts of alcohol, stealing, lying, and pornography.

In this low-budget cult hit, documentarian Daniel Kraus follows Jeff between his many surrogate homes: the bar, where he’s offered free alcohol; the movie theatre, where the employees take turns caring for Jeff, offering him medical advice on his rotting foot and joining him at local shops and conventions; and the wrestling ring where he cheers on Hulk Hogan.

With his friends to help translate Jeff’s cross between speaking and sign language, we learn what the world looks like through his eyes, what family means, what God looks like and more. Jefftowne is colorful, human and, at times, very inappropriate.

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