A Stunning Cast Populates The World Of “Edmond,” Written By David Mamet

April 4, 2017 — A chance encounter with a fortune-teller changes the life of Edmond, who, upon being told that he is not where he belongs, decides to upend his world. Th results are remarkable and unpredictable.

Written by the brilliant David Mamet, Edmond boasts a cast of actors few movies can equal. Mamet regular William H. Macy stars as the titular Edmond, who returns to his home after his encounter with the fortune-teller and informs his wife (Rebecca Pidgeon) that their life together is meaningless, before walking out and starting a new life on his own.

The first night of his new life is undoubtedly not what he expected, but may bring him closer to understanding who he is and has become.

Among the people he meets as his life spirals out of control are a waitress (Julia Stiles), a prostitute (Mena Suvari), a dispirited man in a bar (Joe Mantegna), a B-Girl (Denise Richards) and a collection of characters played by Dulé Hill, Debi Mazar, Aldis Hodge, George Wendt, Dylan Walsh — and the list goes on.

Stream the enigmatic Edmond on Amazon Video.
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