The setting is a ghetto in the medieval city of Split, where several stories unfold between ten o’clock and midnight on New Year’s Eve. While crowds gather in the old square to listen to a rock concert, three American sailors wander the streets and alleys looking for a prostitute and a drug pusher double-crosses his dealer. A widow and her grieving child, and an addict desperate for a fix, are pulled into a scheme to ship heroin to Munich, and a young couple plots a rendezvous before midnight. Lives are unraveled on this “wonderful night,” amid fireworks and the countdown to midnight.

“A Wonderful Night in Split is, in my opinion, the best domestic movie shot since Croatia became an independent country in the early 90s… This creation should be watched and remembered. It is art in its highest form, bordering on genius.” –Hollywood Magazine

‘A Wonderful Night in Split’ is an official selection of the prestigious, award-winning Global Lens Collection presented by the Global Film Initiative. In Croatian with English subtitles.

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