Academy Award®-Winner Helen Mirren Stars In István Szabó’s Brooding And Moving “The Door”

March 27, 2017 — The lives of two women intertwine in 1960s Hungary.

One woman, Emerenc, played by the remarkable Helen Mirren (The Queen) is a maid, frumpy, cranky and older. She’s also extremely private — no one knows anything about her past. No one is allowed past her door or into her guarded world. The other, Magda, is a well-off writer (Martina Gedeck, The Lives of Others) who lives in a large, expensive apartment with her husband Tibor (Károly Eperjes).

Magda is intrigued by the combination of Emerenc’s reserve, her sense of duty, her need for order, her outward coldness — a trait that is belied by the fact that all animals run to her. Magda begins to write about Emerenc, and attempts to learn more about the woman she employs — a servant who remains independent and without the obsequiousness one would expect from someone in her position.

In truth, she seems much more in charge than her employer.

Nonetheless, the two women find common ground, and Magda starts to inquire about Emerenc’s past — including her experience of World War II.

Academy Award®-winning director István Szabó (Mephisto) helmed this intense and tough drama.

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