Acclaimed Documentary “Supergirl” Is Acquired By FilmRise

January 24, 2017 — The Hollywood Reporter  announced  yesterday that FilmRise has acquired the worldwide rights to Jessie Auritt’s feature documentary, Supergirl.

The documentary presents the story of Naomi Kutin, An Orthodox Jewish pre-teen who broke world records in powerlifting at the age of nine. 

As she approaches adolescence, she has to deal with more than the usual number of issues — health issues, religious obligations and cyber-bullying, in addition to working to maintain her world title.

The film will screen at the Slamdance Festival; it premiered at the Hamptons International Film Festival, and will make its broadcast debut on PBS’ Independent Lens.

Danny Fisher, the CEO of FilmRise, commented “We are thrilled to help bring this unique coming-of-age story to a wider audience. Jessie Auritt has found a truly original subject in Naomi Kutin and has brought a distinct directorial vision to the project.”

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