Acclaimed Revenge Story “Let Me Make You A Martyr” Is Available On DVD And Blu-ray

June 6, 2017 — Drew Glass (Niko Nicotera) returns to his hometown for two purposes: to take revenge on his abusive father, crime boss Larry Glass (Mark Boone Junior), and to run away with his adoptive sister, June (Sam Quartin).

 But Larry Glass gets wind of Drew’s plans, and hires a professional hitman, Pope (Marilyn Manson), to deal with Drew.

Let Me Make You a Martyr is a violent and terrifying Southern Gothic-style revenge story, set in an impoverished and exploited area, filled with drugs and hopelessness where escape seems the only option.

The film has made its mark on the festival circuit, in part because of Manson’s mesmerizing, yet understated, portrayal of a professional killer with a personal agenda. This quietly compelling and surprising performance has garnered nearly universal praise.

Let Me Make You A Martyr is available on Blu-ray or DVD, or you can stream it immediately on Amazon Video.

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