Actors Gave Their Very Best Performances for Mike Nichols

August 1, 2017 — Mikhail Igor Peschkowsky was born in Berlin, Germany in 1931 to a Russian-Jewish immigrant father and a German-Jewish mother. 

In 1939, as the German government started to arrest Jews, he and his brother Robert were sent to America where his father, Pavel Nikolaevich Peschkowsky, had emigrated. His mother would follow. Eventually the family would wind up in New York, where the father would establish a medical practice.

The father would change his name to Paul Nichols. His son would change his name, too.

The son would become Mike Nichols. 

After a relatively brief but remarkably successful stint as a comedy performer — his partnership with Elaine May would produce three best-selling records, one of which would win a Grammy — Nichols would become one of the most successful directors of theater and film of his time. 

His career was marked by extraordinary success — he would eventually become a PEGOT (Peabody, Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony) winner, and remains one of only two people to achieve the distinction (alongside Barbra Streisand). He would win the 1964 Tony® Award as Best Director for Barefoot in the Park. A year later he would share the Tony® for Best Director with himself, for The Odd Couple and Luv, which were produced in the same year. These were the first three Broadway plays he ever directed. In all he would win 9 Tony® awards.

In 1968, he would win both the Tony for Best Director, for Plaza Suite, and the Academy Award® as Best Director for The Graduate.  

His was a life of success, but he earned all of it. 

Mike Nichols: American Masters (directed by his old partner, Elaine May) presents the life and career of this brilliant, talented and incredibly funny man.

Mike Nichols: American Masters is available on Blu-Ray and DVD. 

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