“Advantageous” Envisions A Disturbing, Not-Too-Distant Future

May 3, 2016 
— In a time very like our own, and in a world similar to our own, a single mother feels she has to make sacrifices for her beloved daughter.

In this dystopian society, there is little breathing room between being comfortably off and living on the street. Gwen Koh (Jacqueline Kim) is all too aware that her existence is precarious. There are not enough jobs to go around, and women are frequently pressured into giving up their positions so that a man can have it. Those women often end upon the streets, and their families with them.

Gwen has a good job at the Center for Advanced Health and Living, a biotech multinational that sells products and technologies that promise extended youth and beauty. She is a spokesperson but her high-profile job does not pay enough for her to be secure. And when the head of the Center tells her that she is going to lose her job — she isn’t young enough to be the face of a company selling youth — it hits at a particularly hard time.

She has the chance to get her daughter into one of the schools that could ensure a bright future. But the school fees cost a fortune — and it is money that Gwen cannot come up with on time.With time running out, she makes a momentous — and disquieting decision.

This acclaimed science fiction film won the Special Jury Prize at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival. The judges stated “We are honoring two individuals for their unique collaborative vision. Two women that between them wrote, starred and co-edited a beautiful parable about a mother’s love, sacrifice and society’s worship of youth.”

Advantageous is available for pre-order on DOV and Blu-ray or watch it immediately on Amazon Video.

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