All Of Your Favorite Characters From The Story Of “Camelot” Appear In The Family-Friendly “The Legend Of Prince Valiant”

March 24, 2017 — The Camelot legend never loses its fascination.

In this animated version, Prince Valiant follows his dream to Camelot, in the hopes of becoming a Knight of the Round Table and serving and protecting King Arthur.

The show is based on the long-running comic strip of Prince Valiant that was created by Hal Foster. Family-oriented and full of action, the series tells the story of Valiant, the exiled Prince of Thule, who seeks a purpose for his life after his kingdom is overrun by a conqueror named Cynan. He is young and he and his friends need to learn a great deal in order to become Knights. 

The characters are voiced by a wonderful cast of actors: Robby Benson as Prince Valiant, Dorian Harewood as Sir Bryant, Mark Hamill as King Weldon, Ron Perlman as King Ian, Tim Curry as Sir Gawain, Paige O’Hara as Princess Aleta, Wil Wheaton as Prince Michael, JoBeth Williams as Queen Irene, Patty Duke as Lady Morgana, Olivia d’Abo as Jasmine, Teri Garr as Selena, Sean Astin as Dylan — and on and on.

Enjoy all 65 episodes of The Legend of Prince Valiant on Amazon Video.
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