All These Dogs Needed Was A Second Chance

June 8, 2016 — When Michael Vick’s dog-fighting ring was busted, it was uncertain whether the star football player would be punished for his crime. 

He was a celebrity, capable of earning huge amounts of money for his NFL team. Only after it was shown that he personally had killed numerous dogs was he convicted and jailed. Even so, he was released from jail early, signed a big contract and made millions of dollars.

The only thing that seemed certain was that the dogs taken from Vick’s dogfighting compound were going to be killed.

Even PETA and The Humane Society believed that the dogs were incapable of being rehabilitated. After all, they had been taught violence as a way of life. Aggression kept them alive; weak dogs were put to death. These were the ones that still lived, which meant that they were the most vicious. Experts insisted that the standard practice in situations like this,was to have the animals destroyed.

But a small group of people felt that these dogs should be given a second chance, and fought diligently to prevent them from being euthanized. The Champions, the award-winning documentary by Darcy Dennett, shows how a few of the dogs reprieved from almost certain death managed to defy all odds and become happy, loving pets in the homes of people willing to take a chance on them. 

The people who took in these animals knew they had a form of PTSD — their new owners would have to work especially hard to gain their trust. But the dogs far exceeded the expectations of their new families — families who found their lives were profoundly changed and bettered by their contact with these animals who only needed a chance and someone to believe in them.

The producers of the film described the interaction between animals and people: ” [The Champions is] A story about second-chances, redemption and hope, this documentary takes us on a journey about prejudice, the power of resilience and the significance of human/animal relationships.” 

Order the DVD or the Blu-Ray of The Champions, the inspiring and heart-warming story of these loving and forgiving dogs.

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