An Inspiring Teacher Turns 32 Talented But Untrained High School Students Into One “Big Voice”

January 25, 2017 — High school choir director Jeffe Huls does not have an easy job. He has to take charge of 32 teenagers and turn them into “One Big Voice.”

Big Voice is a documentary chronicling a year in the life of Huls, his students and the choir group that he attempts to build. It will not be an easy year. Even though these young people auditioned for their places in the Santa Monica High School choir — and despite the fact that Huls recognizes that this combination of voices may be the most sublime he has ever worked with — teenagers are often not inclined to do anything that feels like work. Or anything that takes time away from the social aspects of their lives. Or anything that other kids might not understand or respect.

And the kids involved in this choir have real life issues that they are dealing with as well — family issues, overwhelming workloads, ego problems, social problems, homelessness — that can sometimes make singing 13th century music in a choir seem unimportant.

But Mr. Huls finds ways to involve them, to keep them showing up, and to inspire them to give up ego-driven pursuits to work with other students as a team — a musical team.

By the time these students are ready to perform their year-end Choral recital, they have learned that their hard work, dedication, commitment and discipline have paid off in ways they could not have anticipated when they signed on.

Big Voice is available on Blu-ray and DVD or you can stream it immediately on Amazon Video.

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