April 23 was the 400th Anniversary Of The Death Of William Shakespeare

April 25, 2016 — William Shakespeare was born and died on April 23.

Or so legend has it. For one of the most famous men in history, remarkably little is known about Shakespeare’s life. There are questions about the actual dates of his life, his religion, his private life, the women he loved (or were they men?) and whether he is even responsible for the output of plays and verses that have made him the most famous writer who ever lived.

There can be arguments about that, too, of course. But it is estimated that his works have been translated into as many as 100 languages (including Klingon).  The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations claims that of the most-quoted lines in the English language, Shakespeare wrote approximately one-tenth of them.

There is probably no time in our modern age during which a play of Shakespeare’s is not being performed somewhere around the world.

In honor of the 400th anniversary of his death (scholars are more certain of that date than of the date of his obscure birth), there will be celebrations around the world. 

FilmRise celebrates the life of one of the greatest writers who ever lived with several adaptations of his works.

Shakespeare Behind Bars. A group of convicted felons puts on the play The Tempest and discovers the beauty of forgiveness.

Still Dreaming is a documentary which follows a group of  elderly retirees as they rehearse and perform A Midsummer Night’s Eve and put a new spin on the themes of the play.
Romeo and Juliet, arguably the Bard’s most famous work, is performed by Orlando Bloom and Condola Rashad.

Hamlet. A modern take on the classic tragedy.

Macbeth. Watch or buy the Scottish play with Sean Connery as the ambitious lord and Zoe Caldwell as his scheming wife.
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