At “Black Books,” Selling Something Might Get You Fired

June 22, 2017 — The average shopkeeper hopes that whatever he is selling is popular with the public so that the shop is always bustling, always trafficked, always commercially viable.

Not Bernard Black (Dylan Moran), the owner of a bookshop. He hopes no one enters his bookstore. 

Why? Because he really doesn’t like people. He doesn’t like them coming into his shop at all. 

He would rather be reading, smoking and drinking. 

His only real friend, Fran (Tamsin Greig) used to own a shop called Nifty Gifty, but he doesn’t hold that against her. And he hired Manny (Bill Bailey) when he was extremely drunk, yet he is inclined, through inertia as much as anything else, to keep him on. Manny wants to rum a successful concern, though he doesn’t much care what it is. But his boss is has no such dreams.

Bernard Black has not figured out yet how to run a book store without having anything to do with people. But if it can be done, he will learn how to d0 it.

Black Books is an adult, darkly funny, comedy that won several awards during its 3 year run on British television.

Stream all three years of Black Books on Amazon Video.

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