“Babymother” Pounds To An Explosive Jamaican Dance Hall Beat

April 20, 2017 — In Harlesden, a West Indian working class section of London, Anita (Anjela Lauren Smith) is mother to two young children she is raising alone in a small apartment she shares with her older sister and strict mother.

But at night, Anita trades in her everyday life and becomes a flamboyant diva, dressed in flashy finery, performing Jamaican dancehall, reggae and pop songs with her 2-girl crew called Neeta, Sweeta, & Nastie.

Hard-fought success comes at a price and eventually the women find themselves crashing a talent show where they have to go head to head against Byron, the father of Anita’s children and an established singer — who has personal reasons for wanting to see Anita fail.

Pounding with energy and exuberant, pulsing music, Babymother is a party-spirited musical with eye-candy costumes and remarkable performance.

Stream Babymother on Amazon Video.
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