Before There Was “Robotech”…

February 6, 2017 —  The science fiction series Robotech is based on three Japanese anime series that ran from 1982-1984. 

They were entitled The Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Genesis Climber Mospeada and Super Dimension Cavalry: Southern Cross.

The three series tell the multi-generational story of several epic battles between humans and alien invaders, interwoven with the complicated relationships of its main characters. 

The three series would eventually be adapted into the Robotech series that was shown on American television.

The first 36 episodes, entitled The Super Dimension Fortress Macross (English subtitled), sets up the basic premise: a spaceship crashes on Earth, and for ten years humans reverse-engineer the ship, which is vastly more advanced than anything people had constructed. A decade after the crash, the humanoids, known as Zentradi, come to reclaim the ship. The humanoids and the surviving people of Earth try to see if they can co-exist, but war breaks out and much of the Earth is destroyed. Several of the key characters are involved in the key colonization mission.

In Genesis Climber Mospeada (English subtitled), an alien race known as the Invids conquers the Earth, sending even more of the human population on colonization missions. Over a period of years, troops previously located on Mars are sent to battle the Invids but are beaten each time. In a disastrous failure, only one trooper remains after a crash landing. Eventually he will join forces with a ragtag group of survivors who will attempt to battle the Invids on their own. Meanwhile, the Invids have plans of their own, but they fail to realize that their plans would result in the destruction of all human life and all Invid life on Earth as well.

In Super Dimension Cavalry: Southern Cross (English subtitled), humans have been forced to leave the Earth, which is now uninhabitable, and have resettled on planet Glorie. But the settlers are unaware of the history of Glorie, or of the race of humanoids who want to reclaim the planet that has been their ancestral home.

In Japanese with English subtitltes.

These hugely popular anime series introduced many of the characters and plot points that would show up in the Robotech series.

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