Before They Were Famous — Watch Keanu Reeves And Kiefer Sutherland In “Brotherhood Of Justice”


December 3, 2015 —  When Keanu Reeves was just 25 when he became a superstar with the movie Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. But he had been making and starring in films since 1985, when he was just 21. 

And we are accustomed to watching Kiefer Sutherland save the world as Jack Bauer in the immensely successful television show 24 which began in 2001, when he was already 35 years old; but he had been acting in movies since 1983, when he was just 17 (his first film was Max Dugan Returns, in which he acted with his father, Donald Sutherland).

Both of these actors began their careers at young ages and became successful early. But each made a few movies before they achieved true stardom. And they made one together.

Kiefer Sutherland was just 20 year old and Keanu Reeves was only 22 when they acted together in the television thriller Brotherhood of Justice. Thought they were in their early twenties, both played high school students. Keanu’s character heads a vigilante group which is trying to get the violence at the high school under control. 

Within a few years Reeves would star in River’s Edge, Dangerous Liaisons, Parenthood. And then came Bill and Ted...

Kiefer would  have parts in Stand by Me, Bright Lights, Big City, The Lost Boys and Young Guns — by  his 22nd birthday
Two more “Before they were famous” actors appear in the film — a 20 year old Billy Zane (Titanic,  The Ganzfeld Haunting, Fish Tales) and a 22 year old Lori Loughlin (90210, Full House). Loughlin would star with Reeves in another film, The Night Before.

Watch Brotherhood of Justice at FilmRise.
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