Behind-the-Scenes of the Mile High Club in This Unique Doc Series

October 2, 2017 —
The Mile High Club might seem like glitz and glamour — but the behind-the-scenes drama is even more titillating.

20-part documentary series Trolley Dollies follows the crew of charter airline Excel Airways, out of the UK. If you think dealing with the airport is hell as a passenger, try being an attendant!

Airport antics, passenger panic and personal problems are incessant when you’re dealing with nearly 10,000 flights every month — not to mention the drunks, children and unorganized travelers. It’s a wonder how any of the crew keep their cool!

But they do it all in the hopes of making people’s business and holidays travels as enjoyable as possible, even if they’re struggling behind the scenes. Watch as Sally seeks out her dream man, Den and David figure out how to be life partners and co-workers and the crew navigate pit stops in Africa and beyond.

The complete Trolley Dollies is available to stream on Amazon Prime.
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