“Blessed” Tells The Stories Of Several Troubled Families From Two Distinct Viewpoints

BLESSED, Frances O’Connor, 2009. ©Icon Film Distribution

March 6, 2017 — Blessed tells the story of seven children from difficult blue collar families in Melbourne, Australia, who wander their city during the course of one day, unwilling to return to their homes. Their stories are only lightly connected, and they each have personal reasons for choosing not to go home. 

The first half is told from their viewpoint.
The second half sees the stories of their home lives from the point of view of their mothers, who have a different way of looking at the events that have led to this day.

Two young girls, Katrina and Trisha, skip school to indulge in a little shop-lifting; Roo, Trisha’s brother, runs away and ends up a cog in a porno-making machine. Daniel, wrongly accused at home of theft, decides he might as well steal under the circumstances; Stacey and Orton, a brother and sister whose home life is a constant struggle, run off together, and James, the oldest of the children, cannot feel at home in his adopted home because of his Aboriginal roots.

When the focus shifts to the mothers whose children have chosen to stay away, we meet Rhonda (Frances O’Connor) the mother of Stacey and Orton. Rhonda is a welfare mother who has already had one child taken away, and is pregnant with her fourth; she is a loving, yet incompetent parent who has undoubtedly scarred her children. Bianca, Katrina’s mother, chooses to be a “sister” to her daughter, rather than a mother figure. Gina, Roo’s pious mother, cannot deal with Daniel and concentrates on her other child; and Tanya (Deborra-Lee Furness), is starved of affection from her husband and finds it impossible to open up to her children.

Blessed is an emotional powerhouse, with remarkable, heart-breaking performances from both the adults and children.

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