“‘Blood Punch’ Is An Audacious, Gruesomely Violent And Darkly Funny Thriller That Enjoys Messing With Its Viewers’ Minds” The Hollywood Reporter

January 5, 2017 — Skyler, a sexy young girl who has been placed in a court-ordered rehab program, plans her escape. However, she does not intend to leave empty-handed.

Before she skips, she recruits/seduces Milton, a young chemistry wizard, with the promise of a significant payday if he will cook up a huge batch of meth for her.

Oh yeah, her boyfriend is part of the deal. She forgot to mention that.

The trio travels to a remote cabin in the woods, intent upon their money-making scheme. Until…

Milton is extremely puzzled when he views a video of himself cutting off his fingers (which are still on his hand). And before he can explain that oddity, other inexplicable things start to happen. 

In a Groundhog’s Day twist, it appears as if some of the characters involved are finding that are repeatedly coming back to life — after a series of increasingly violent deaths.

Blood Punch is a mind–twisting, violent, gory and darkly humorous story with a visual flair and intriguing characters. It won ten Best Feature and Audience Awards on the film festival circuit.

“A trio of meth dealers find themselves caught up in a twisted supernatural nightmare in Madellaine Paxson’s feature debut. …After having wowed genre fans on the festival circuit, Madellaine Paxson‘s … supernaturally tinged comedic thriller is far more wickedly clever than most comparable Hollywood offerings.” Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter.

Blood Punch is available on Blu-ray and DVD, or you can stream it immediately on Amazon Video.

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