“Blue Family” Would Be Difficult To Believe, If It Were Not True

July 7, 2017 — These are events so abhorrent and loathsome that they would seem virtually impossible — except that they are based on a true story.

Armando,  a used car salesman, has made up for years of abuse and a sense of loneliness by creating the perfect family. 

His way of doing this is to kidnap three attractive young women, and keeping them in his basement for years, convincing himself that they want to be there — that they are willing prisoners. He abuses them for years, even impregnating one of them.

The three women, Julia, Jessica and Erin, endure years of imprisonment, but never give up hope. They go so far as to believe that freedom is a possibility.

Based on the story of Ariel Castro, who kidnapped women for decades, Blue Family is a psychological study of the man who would commit these crimes and abduct women for decades.

Blue Family is disturbing and difficult, a horrifying visit into the mind of a truly disturbed man.

Stream Blue Family on Amazon Video.
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