Blue Valley Songbird

As a teenager, Leanna Taylor (Dolly Parton) fled her abusive home to sing on the road, and for ten years, she’s been one gig away from making it big. Her controlling boyfriend and manager, Hank (John Terry, TV’s Lost), is full of empty promises of success. Her new guitarist, Bobby, sees more in her than Hank ever did, or will. A new romance, a fading one, and a career on the cusp of collapsing—or exploding—has Leanna at the crossroads of a lifetime.

Based on Dolly Parton’s hit song and filmed on location in the country music capital of the world, ‘Blue Valley Songbird’ is inspiration for anyone who has ever chased a dream.

Featuring Original Songs by Dolly Parton
I Hope You’re Never Happy
Might Be In Love
Runaway Feeling
Disco Birthday
My Blue Tears
Blue Valley Songbird

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