Celebrate Monkeys: Watch The 2-Part Documentary “Designed By Nature”


November 24, 2015 — November 24th is a day to celebrate monkeys.

41 years ago today, the skeleton of Lucy, a hominid of the Austrolopithecus farensis species was discovered. She lived approximately 3.2 million years ago in Ethiopia. Three significant facts about Lucy: she was a new species that had never been seen before; her skeleton was far more intact than those of creatures of a similar age that have been found; and she was named after the Beatle’s song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. 

She was a major find for the paleoanthrolpolgists who located her.

Today is also the 156th anniversary of the publication of one of the most controversial books ever written, Charles Darwin’s On the Origins of Species. Whatever one’s personal opinion of the subject, there can be little doubt that the book has had an enormous influence over the way people think.

The 2-part documentary Designed by Nature shows how animals (not just monkeys) have adapted in order to survive in the wild. Beautiful BBC footage follows them in their habitats and shows how their bodies have altered to enable them to communicate, hunt and thrive.

Watch the complete first season of  Designed by Nature  here.
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