Celebrate Universal Children’s Day — Watch A Trio Of Family Movies With Your Kids


November 20, 2015 — It’s Universal Children’s Day, so watch a movie with your kids.

Since 1954, November 20th has been recognized as Children’s Day (although there are a number of other days that celebrate children — and most parents would probably say that every day is Children’s Day). There is also World Children’s Day and International Children’s Day; plus numerous countries around the world recognize their own version of Children’s Day.

Universal Children’s Day started as a charter of the United Nations. It is supposed to be a day of “worldwide fraternity and understanding between children.” The Convention set out some of the rights it felt children around the world should have. Among them: the right to life, to health, to education, the right to play, the right to family life, the right to be protected from violence, the right not to be discriminated against  and the right to have their views heard.

Obviously these rights are not universally met; nonetheless, this is the most widely ratified international rights treaty ever passed.

So, on this day that recognizes the right to family life, FilmRise recommends some child-friendly movies to watch as a family.

Operation Dalmatian: The Big Adventure: Who doesn’t love Dalmatian puppies. For anyone who knows that their dog has important thoughts (and wishes they would share them) this movie will charm and delight.

Jr. Detective Agency: A pair of young friends — Sam Steele Jr. and Emma — opens a junior detective agency during summer vacation, and they get more adventure (and important cases) than they could have imagined. Together with Emma’s adorable Beagle, they track down a burglar known only as “The Cat.” With Luke Perry (90210) and M. Emmet Walsh (Blood Simple, Silkwood).

My Magic Dog (aka Ghost Dog): When Lucky, an adorable Golden Retriever, is killed in an accident, the spirited dog comes back to be with his best friend Toby . But only Toby can see Ghost Dog Lucky, who finds ingenious ways to help his friend while playing a host of invisible tricks on everyone else.

So settle into the sofa with your kids and enjoy some family time.

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