Celebrate Your Fears With “Monsters, Madness And Mayhem”

October 26, 2016 — Halloween is around the corner, so it is time to acknowledge and enjoy our fears.

The things that scare people have not changed that significantly throughout the ages.

There is no forensic proof that some of the things that have scared people for centuries have ever actually existed. We continue to fear zombies, vampires, demons, many varieties of superstitions and odd creatures — even if we have never seen these entities ourselves.

Though unsupported by tangible evidence, the fear of certain phenomena does not go away.

Through 5 episodes, the mini-series Monsters, Madness and Mayhem examines these fears, where they appear to have come from and the hold they have over our psyches.

Episode 1: Halloween. Halloween is a celebration of many of the specters that haunt our dreams. Versions of Halloween are celebrated around the world. Originating in Ireland, it is actually All Hallows Evening, or the night before all Hallows (or All Saints) Day. Some people believed that on this night, the interface between our day-to-day world and the world of the afterlife was the most penetrable. There is also a history of violence and murder on Halloween.

Episode 2: The Devil. Through the centuries, one of the images that has had the most power to frighten is that of the Devil. In an effort to get rid of devils, there have been mass killings, exorcisms and inquisitions. And yet there are those who embrace the Devil and Satanism.

Episode 3; Witches. Shakespeare imagined them making a witches brew, chanting and casting spells. Some believe they are old hags, others think of them as alluring and seductive. But throughout history, people have have believed witches to be a fact of life. Witchcraft, witch hunts and the history of mankind’s fear of witches are all examined in this episode. 

Episode 4: Creatures. Different cultures have their own image of what fear-inducing creatures look like — after all, how many people can actually say they’ve seen a dragon, a troll, an alien or Bigfoot? But for centuries people have feared similar creations — blood-sucking vampires, ghouls and ghosts have plagued our nightmares.

Episode 5: Superstition. What makes people fear a black cat, the number 13, breaking a mirror? Irrational fears, perhaps, but why do they persist?

Watch Monsters, Madness and Mayhem  and discover the basis of your fears.

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