“Charlie Jade” Is A Detective/Thriller Whose Main Character Is Hurtled Into A Parallel Universe He Doesn’t Know Or Understand

February 28, 2017 — Charlie Jade is an inhabitant of Alphaverse, one of the 5 parallel universes explored in this Canadian/South African sci-fi thriller television. But an explosion in the first episode throws him into Betaverse — a world not unlike our own, but one Jade does not recognize.

The explosion was caused by scientists who were attempting to open a wormhole between universes so that they could pillage the resources from one of the other worlds. However, the explosion causes so much damage that passage from one universe is rendered nearly impossible.

Jade, originally a missing persons detective, and his associate begin an investigation into Vexcor, a multi-national firm in Alphaverse that is intent on claiming resources for itself — even if that involves the total destruction of other universes.

By the end, at least 5 universes are located and explored. Each has its own characteristics, and all may be affected by the global expanionist exploits of Vexcor.

Charlie Jadea combination mystery/science fiction/detective drama, was filmed primarily in Capetown, South Africa. The complete television series contains 20 one-hour episodes.

Charlie Jade is available for streaming immediately on Amazon Video.
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