Children And Puppies Are The Ultimate Combination

June 15, 2017 — Children and puppies are a pretty perfect pairing.

They want to solve problems, they like to be comfortable, happy and well-fed, and they are loyal to the people who love them.

Plus, they are cute. Granted, dogs have four legs and are usually much fuzzier, but both have an adorable factor.

That’s why stories about children and dogs tend to be family-favorites. Even Mom and Dad can get into children’s stories when the protagonists are adorable.

Our picks for family movie night:

My Magic Dog (also known as My Ghost Dog). Lucky, the Golden Retriever is only visible to his 8-year old owner, Toby. But when Toby needs help, Lucky can certainly make his presence felt. When Toby’s nasty Aunt Violet tries to steal all of Toby’s money, Lucky manages to deal with her and her henchmen. With John Phillip Law (The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming) and Russ Tamblyn (West Side Story, Twin Peaks).

Operation Dalmatian: The Big Adventure. What do all Dalmatians have in common? Their gorgeous black and white spotted coats, of course. Baskerville, Julietta’s handsome dog, who has a typically magnificent coat, has been entered into the local dog show. But some serious trouble ensues after a medicine man and a crazy professor get in the game, and Baskerville starts changing colors. Winning the Dog Show is important to Julietta and her family, but who is going to give an award to a Dalmatian whose coat changes color all the time? 

Jr. Detective Agency. Sam Steele Jr. wants to be a detective like his dad, and hopes to help him track down a jewel thief known only as The Cat (Luke Perry, 90210). Steele starts the Jr. Detective Agency with his friend Emma and her helpful dog, Doug (who is all for tracking down The Cat), and they set out to stop the dastardly creature before he can strike again.With M. Emmet Walsh (Blood Simple).

These are all family-friendly and fun and have wonderful casts.

Stream them on AmazonVideo during your next family binge-watch.
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