Children Will Adore Wuba, The Baby Monster King, In The Live Action/Animation Adventure “Monster Hunt”

February 2, 2017 — As the week of Chinese New Year’s draws to a close, we celebrate with one of the highest-grossing films in Chinese cinema history.

Monster Hunt is a charming, funny, action-filled adventure directed by Rama Hui, one of the lead animators on Shrek

The combination live action/animated film is a visual treat and an emotional delight. It tells the story of a time in ancient China when monsters and humans live near to each other but cannot learn to live together or trust one another. Humans hunt monsters, often for profit. And within the monster world, the old royal family has been overthrown by a newer and crueler regime — one determined to destroy all of the former rulers. 

The King has been killed and the Queen, pregnant with her first child, is spirited away by her supporters. But both people and monsters are on her trail, eager to hunt her down and destroy her baby.

She is intent upon the baby’s safety and does the only thing she can to protect it — she places the unborn monster inside of a human — a human male.

This is how the story of Wuba, the adorable Monster King, begins. His journey, and the journey of the humans into whose care he is thrust, is the core of this charming, imaginative and humorous film.

Beautiful special effects, a seamless blending of live-action and CGI, impressive action sequences and lovable characters make this a film to watch over and over.

And Wuba, the baby Monster King with the infectious laugh, will win the hearts of children everywhere.

As the year of the Rooster begins, settle in and watch Monster Hunt for a delightful evening.

Available in 2 or 3D, in Mandarin with English subtitles or in a family-friendly English language version. Or you can stream it immediately on Amazon Video.
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