“City Slacker” Proves They Really Do Still Make Charming, Well-Written Movies

April 7, 2017 — She’s successful, ambitious and she definitely wants to have it all. She just doesn’t want it all right now.

City Slacker is a warm and engaging British rom-com (it was nominated for Best UK Feature at the Raindance Film Festival) that has charm to spare.

Career woman Amanda plans to have a significant career. She has every intention of having children — just not until she has established herself and made it up the corporate ladder. To that end, she has frozen her eggs for use later on, when she can devote the time.

But when the storage facility holding her frozen eggs has an actual melt down, she suddenly finds herself with a biological necessity — have children the “old-fashioned” way, and, considering her age, it’s now or never.

Faced with that option, she determines to get pregnant and find herself a suitable male — someone content to stay at home and care for the children. Basically her male opposite.

Amanda, played by Fiona Gillies (The Walking Dead, Frankenstein) is having trouble with all areas of her personal life. Her father, Ray, played by the outrageously amusing Tom Conti (The Dark Knight Rises, Friends) reappears at a point where she is already having trouble coping, and her best friend Louisa (Matilda Ziegler, Call the Midwife) is too tired being a mother to understand exactly what the attraction of motherhood is.

Thankfully Dan, the slacker she finds (Geoffrey Streatfeild, Match Point, Kinky Boots), is the laid-back man she needs — and maybe for more than just child-rearing.

The movie is set in and about a gorgeous London.

Watch City Slacker, or purchase it on DVD for a warm-hearted comedy with a terrific cast.

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