“Combat Girls” Is A Shocking Portrayal Of Adolescent Neo-Nazis In Germany

January 9, 2017 — Combat Girls is a multiple award-winning drama about Marisa, a young German girl drawn to a neo-Nazi group that hates outsiders and urges violence against all non-Germans.

Caught up in violence and despair, she and her xenophobic boyfriend attack some ethnic-looking passengers and a conductor on a bus. The boyfriend ends up in prison. 

Marisa continues to engage in violence against minorities and ends up hitting two Afghan immigrants with her car. One is injured and the other is deported.

Eventually she begins to question her world of unchecked violence and hatred.

Combat Girls is a raw, tough look at the modern-day Neo Nazi movement and the people who populate it. 

Arts in Munich praised the film: “Kriegerin [Combat Girls] is a forcible directorial debut from Berlin-born film graduate David Wnendt. …  it’s eye-opening. For those of us only mildly political, who read the newspapers, vote in the big elections and claim to be socialists, it’s a shocking glimpse at the fervor of radicalism. Their political views define their relationships, their leisure activities, and their taste in music.”

The film premiered at the São Paulo International Film Festival and went on to win 17 awards. 

In German with English subtitles.

Combat Girls is available for screening on Prime Video.

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