“Coming And Going” Is The Perfect Date Night Romantic Comedy

November 1, 2017 —
In the unexpected comedy Coming and Going, nerdy OBGYN doctor Lee (Rhys Darby, Flight of the Concords) discovers a strange reality; while he normally has no luck getting dates, when he pulls a groin muscle and is confined to a wheel chair he is able to attract the girl of his dreams, the exciting and lovely Alex (Sasha Alexander, Rizzolli and Isles, NCIS). Alex thinks Lee’s injury is far more serious than it is — a permanent disability which she believes has rendered him impotent.

Lee, of course, knows better. But as they grow attached to one another, he is uncertain that Alex would care for him without his impairment, and cant decide on the right moment to let her in on his secret — that he is actually all better, can walked unaided and is perfectly capable of love-making.

The confusion, frustration and wishful thinking inevitable in this arrangement lead to an unusually sexy romantic comedy that hits all the right notes while it poses a few questions about deceit, trust and how far it is reasonable to go to lay claim to love and yearning.

Fionnula Flanagan, Michael Cornacchia, Carla Gallo and David Mazouz round out the cast of talented co-stars.

Stream Coming and Going on Amazon Prime.
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