Confrontational, Dark And Violent, “If He Hollers” Stuns With Deeply Disturbing Violence

January 26, 2017 —  If He Hollers (aka I Stay with You) starts as a sexy, fun evening for a group of young women in Mexico, girls who just want to have fun. 

But that’s not where it ends.

Natalia has just arrived from Spain to be with her boyfriend. But he is held up at work and she goes off with some of his female friends to a cabin for a “bachelorette” weekend. However, Natalia is unprepared for what happens next.

These wealthy, spoiled young women go down a dark, unexpected path when they kidnap a young man, take him with them to the cabin and decide to torture him.

Part comedy, part horror film, part commentary on the presence of violence in Mexico, If He Hollers turns the tables on everyone’s expectations by illustrating issues of control, power and gender roles and identification with turn-around female-on-male violence.

In Spanish with english subtitles.

If He Hollers is available on Blu-Ray and DVD,  or you can stream it immediately on Amazon Video.
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