Could Anyone Become A Murderer? “Crimes Of Passion” Looks Into The Stories Of Ordinary People Who Killed

March 20, 2017 — What does it take to turn an ordinary person into a killer?

What pushes a regular person over the edge, to the point where they would commit murder? And can anyone snap?

These are not the stories of psychopaths and serial killers whose lives revolve around murders. Crime of Passion is a true crime documentary series that uses re-creations to try to discover what was the tipping point that turned ordinary people into killers. These are people who probably never though they could kill anyone. And yet they did.

An abused woman kills the husband she claims has mistreated her; a caretaker kills her mentally disabled sister; a teenager kills his young girlfriend; a man is killed by his wife’s lover; a man kills his estranged wife and her lover; and more.

Wendy Crewson (ReGenesis, 24, Getting Married in Buffalo Jump) narrates these investigations into the sources of what seem like everyday murders. If there is such a thing

Stream Seasons 1 and 2 of this intriguing television series.
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