Crime-Thriller “Vengeance: A Love Story” Starring Nic Cage Opens in Select Theaters Today

September 15, 2017 —
From the executive producer of House of Cards, based on the story by renowned novelist Joyce Carol Oates and starring legendary action icon Nicolas Cage, it’s safe to say Vengeance: A Love Story ticks every box.

The film stars Cage as John Dromoor, a PTSD-striken police detective that works after hours to avenge the brutal assault of single mother Tina, who was gang-raped in front of her 12-year-old daughter Bethie. Despite the evidence against the assailants — including Bethie’s own witness account — a hot-shot attorney (Miami Vice’s Don Johnson) convinces an unsympathetic jury that the acts were consensual and deserved, and the criminals get off scot-free.

Disgusted at the lack of justice, Dromoor takes matters into his own hands. But will he get mixed up with something — or someone — tougher than he is able to handle?

This thrilling, action-packed crime drama is directed by former stuntman Johnny Martin, so you know it will deliver all of the grit and tension found in your favorite crime classics.

Check out Vengeance: A Love Story today, opening in select theaters nationwide.
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