“Cub” Will Remind You Of Things That Frightened You When You Were Young — And Still Do

January 17, 2017
 —  Cub is modern, grisly horror set in a traditional horror film location.

Sam is a 12-year old Boy Scout whose troop members tend to bully and abuse him. The troop and their adult supervisors set up camp in woods that are rumored to house a killer werewolf. Shortly after hearing this story, Sam runs into an apparently feral boy he believes to be a werewolf and he goes back to the campsite to warn the others.

They, of course, ignore him.

The feral boy and his poacher father have set traps all through the woods, and kids and adults discover the manoeuvre — too late.

It is a modern take on the classic “lost in the woods” horror film.

Fangoria sings its praises: “CUB is a rock solid piece of genre entertainment presented bluntly and without irony in a singularly focused 85-minute sprint.”

Cub is available for streaming on Amazon Video.

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