Cult Director Abel Ferrara’s Infamous “Video Nasty” is Available to Stream

September 5, 2017 —
In the 1980s, the UK banned a set of films dubbed “video nasties” for their critical portrayals of explicit violence. Chief among them? The infamous splatter film The Driller Killer by legendary figure of controversy Abel Ferrara.

Set in a seedy New York City, artist Reno (Ferrara) is tired and broke from supporting himself alongside his girlfriend Carol and her drug-addicted lover Pamela. Unable to a get loan from his art dealer and frustrated by a local No Wave band causing a ruckus, Reno goes on a killing spree with the only weapon at his disposal: a drill.

Known for his massive hits Bad Lieutenant and King of New York, The Driller Killer is nothing short of an iconic piece of black comedy-horror genre crossover that will continue make waves, released now uncensored and in full.

The Driller Killer is available to stream on Amazon Prime.
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