Cultured Vultures Says Of “My Father, Die” — “We’re Treated To Sean Brosnan’s Debut And Boy, Does It Not Pull Punches. In Fact, It Lands Every Jab, Cross, And Hook”

January 4, 2017 — My Father, Die, Sean Brosnan’s debut feature directorial effort, is a powerhouse effort, the sort of assured and stylistically unique film one does not expect from a first-time director.

The eagerly-anticipated Southern Gothic Action/Drama (one could add horror to the mix) has gotten terrific reviews at festivals earlier this year. 

Brosnan (who also has a small part in the film) has created a work that is both stylistically assured and tough as nails.

Variety called the film s “thematically simple, aesthetically complex revenge tale…this is a bold and talented debut, all the more impressive for transcending (while embracing) some shameless exploitation tropes,’ adding that Brosnan “…brings a poet’s flamboyance and unpredictable rhythms” to the film.

And Consequence of Sound concurs: “The final 30 minutes of My Father, Die do exactly what a great horror movie is supposed to: it makes you wonder just how in the f*** our heroes are going to escape from this.”

My Father, Die will be released theatrically on January 20. Check here for theaters and times.

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