“Dayveon,” The Acclaimed Feature By First-Time Director Amman Abbasi, Is Acquired By FilmRise

May 5, 2017  —The North American rights to Dayveon have been acquired by FilmRise.

The film, which premiered at Sundance, is a coming-of-age story about Dayveon (Devin Blackmon), a 13-year old growing up in rural Arkansas. His older brother has died of a gunshot wound and Dayveon is sad and alone. 

He hates the “stupid” town he has grown up in, and feels rootless there.

He is attracted to the local gangs — their violence and their camaraderie.In his mind they  come to replace some of the connection he had with his brother.  

Dayveon is a first feature directed by Amman Abbasi, the 28-year-old Pakistani-American writer-director “I feel privileged to have been able to share Dayveon with audiences in Sundance and am now excited for the next step of the film’s journey with FilmRise, a distributor who is committed to bringing this film to both theatrical and digital audiences using their distribution resources and expanding team,” said Abbasi.

FilmRise will release Davyeon theatrically in late Spring.

“Amman’s debut is a master class in form, style and how raw humanity can be portrayed on screen,” said Danny Fisher, CEO of FilmRise. “This is an important statement on society and a cinematic experience we are privileged to bring to a larger audience.”

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