Discover Your New Favorite Superhero in “The Toxic Avenger” — Four Times

September 3, 2017 —
None of the Avengers hold a candle to this absolutely whacky, one-of-a-kind superhero: the Toxic Avenger.

Melvin is your typical skinny nerd just trying to get through each day, but constantly falls victim to bullies who can’t help but take advantage of his small stature. After a particularly brutal round of torture, Melvin finds himself dunked in nuclear waste. The result? The monster-hero the Toxic Avenger: a massive creature of superhuman strength.

With his newfound size and power, can the Toxic Avenger become the hero that the people like the old Melvin desperately need?

With campy cult appeal and heaps of gruesome violence, The Toxic Avenger is like no superhero story you’ve ever seen before — and you’re sure to be back for more with its three incredible sequels.

The Toxic Avenger: Parts I-IV are all available to stream on Amazon Prime.
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