Do Not Watch “The Blackout Experiments” Alone

April 27, 2017 –This is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Blackout is an all-encompassing experiment that some people undertake as a psycho-sexual means of dealing with fear.

Blackout experiments permit the participants to be tortured in both physical and emotional ways, as a means of breaking down a person’s boundaries and freeing their fears. Those who choose to take part (participants must sign waivers in case of trouble), accept having no privacy — they agree that their homes can be invaded by personnel at any time — no freedoms and no right to withdraw.

The horror that people endure is supposed to free them from their fears and teach them about themselves. But some people become virtually addicted to the abuse and torture.

The Blackout Experiments is a documentary that examines both the therapy that uses pain and abuse as its method of healing, and the people who find themselves caught in the thrill-ride of the system. This is a unique fusion of horror and documentary that will terrify those whose own fears are not deeply hidden.

The Blackout Experiments is available on DVD, Blu ray or you can stream it immediately on Amazon Video.
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