Do We Ever Really Know Which Universe Is The Real One?

June 23, 2017 — Only Sion Sono does horror this way.

A young girl named Mitsuko finds that her universe is a constantly changing one — and one that always ends in horror and dismay.

She is on her usual school bus when a strong wind cuts it in half, chases and kills all of her acquaintances. She walks onto a new campus where she is greeted as an old friend by Aki and Taeko, girls she has never seen before.

After spending the morning with her new (old) friends, she goes to class where the teacher suddenly brandishes a machine gun which she uses to mow down the other girls in the class.  Before the teacher can kill her, Aki and Taeko save Mitsuko, but Taeko is killed by another teacher.

Scenario after scenario finds Mituko in a confusing world where her life and the lives of those around her continue to morph.

By the time she comes to understand the reality of the situation, will it be too late to change the horrible fates that are in store for  her and the young girls who inhabit her delusions?

Or are they delusions?

Tag is in Japanese, with English subtitles.

Tag is available for streaming today on Amazon Video.
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