EGYPT – Season 1 Ep 1 “Chaos and Kings”

The first episode of Discovery Channel mini-series “Egypt“.   The ancient Egyptians are the most enduring civilization of all time. But only now have scientists discovered that the roots of this great people may be much older and probably did not begin along the banks of the Nile. 70 miles west of the Nile, in the Egyptian desert, lies the first crude monuments to fallen kings.

Egypt is so old that for centuries its origins have remained shrouded in mystery but in recent years a new generation of archaeologists have been scouring the desert re-examining the temples and tombs, excavating lost cities and probing deeper before.

At the height of Egypt’s new kingdom, the most powerful Pharaohs who ever lived were buried in tombs full of gold, a divine metal which was regarded as the flesh of the gods. Where did this wealth come from and how did Egypt become the greatest empire the world had ever seen?

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