“Elf Bowling,” Based On The Popular Computer Game, Is A Light-Hearted, Family-Friendly Animated Holiday Legend

November 3, 2017 —
The story of the early days of Santa Claus, and how the elves and he came together, is given a unique spin in Elf Bowling, based on the immensely popular computer game of the same name.

Most people are unaware that Santa, originally, was a pirate with his horrible brother Dingle. But when their pirate ship lands at the North Pole, Santa meets up with the elves who are already making toys. They just need a delivery system and select Santa as perfect for the job.

But Dingle isn’t happy about the set-up, and kidnaps and hypnotizes the elves, and almost ruins Christmas for all time. 

See how Santa saves the elves and Christmas in this arming and unexpected re-telling of the Santa Claus myth. 

Family-friendly, holiday-friendly and just plain fun.

Elf Bowling is available on DVD and Blu-ray, or you can watch it immediately on Amazon Video.

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